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Famous Artists and their contribution to our art history may be obtained by renting a video online from Art-Video.com. Many techniques used today in painting with oils, watercolours, and acrylics are derived from the study of famous artists over the past centuries.

Van Gogh- Dutch Post-Impressionist- painter
A powerful use of expressionism through striking colour and coarse brushwork to convey emotional spontaneity. Renown Works of Art: The Starry Night, The Potato-Eaters

Michelangelo- Italian High Renaissance- Sculptor, architect, painter and poet
Among the most famous artists and respected artist of all time for capturing formal beauty with powerful expressionism and meaning. Regarded as supreme in anatomical drawing and was the greatest sculptor of the sixteenth century. Renown Works of Art: Pieta, David, Sistene Chapel

Monet- French Impressionist- painter
Legacy of Light, Monet brought the study of the transient effects of natural light to refined expression. Renown Works of Art: Water Lilies, Women in the Garden

Picasso- Spanish painter and sculptor
One of the most prolific artist in history. Pioneered cubism, the art of breaking down the subjects and showing several different aspects of one object simultaneously. Renown Works of Art: Guernica, The Old Guitarist

Rembrandt- Dutch baroque artist
Mastered chiaroscuro and light and shadow. Renowned for numerous portraits and self portraits exhibiting profound penetration of character. Renown Works of Art: The Night Watch, St. Paul in Prison

Leonardo da Vinci- Florentine High Renaissance- painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist.
One of the first masters to introduce atmospheric perspective. His contrast of light and shadow creates an almost 3-D effect. Renown Works of Art: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper

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